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Large variety of yoga tools and accessories

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Yoga Mat Braka 10mm

Yoga Mat Braka Improved High Quality & Density NBR 10mm Thickness Anti Skid
$16.93 $21.16

Yoga Mat 6mm

Improved high quality Exercise Mats with Both Ribbed and Soft Surface, to hello you throw your exercises
$11.28 $14.10


Comfrtable Yoga Wear

Yoga Mat Towel JBX30831

High quality I.Care Yoga mat towel will give you comfort

Yoga Strap TA6301

Improve range of motion and flexibility, Great for yoga and pilates exercises
$3.53 $7.05

Eva Foam Roller Half 601

1/2 Round shapes are great for foot, ankle, Achilles tendon and calf rehabilitation, strengthening and stretching

Eva Yoga Block

Bend with confidence! foam yoga block will be a great practice partner when you need a little extra stability

Yoga Roll Massage

Massage Roller

Yoga Mat Rack

Beautiful rack to store and handle yoga mats
$26.80 $42.31

Gymball 75cm with Hand Pump

Durable, High quality Gym ball 75cm
$16.93 $19.75

Joerex Gymball 22cm JIC022

Joerex High quality Massage Gymball 22cm with Foot Pump

Joerex Gymball 65cm FB29324

Joerex High quality Massage Gymball 65cm with Foot Pump
$14.10 $21.16

Joerex Pilates Ring JIC028

Improve your muscle tone, flexibility and fitness, target your inner and outer thighs, upper arms and neck.

Fabric Non Slip Hip Resistance Bands

Exercise Resistance Bands | Set of 3 Bands

Pull Up Strap Exercise Band

High Quality Sunlin Sports Pull Strap Exerciser Band with Handles