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Jump ropes

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Joerex Figure Trimmer 4566

Compact design massage figure twister for slimming thighs, waist and hips

Joerex Electronic Body Trimmer 28480

Joerex Electronic Body Trimmer 28480
$11.28 $16.93

Joerex Heavy Hula Hoop

Joerex One piece 90 cm diameter high quality Heavy Hula Hoop for fitness and weight loosing

Joerex Hula Hoop

Joerex One piece 63,73,83 & 90cm diameter high quality Hula Hoop for fun and weight loosing

Joerex Wood Rope JD6068

Joerex Wood handles rope JD6068

Joerex Bearing Jump rope

Joerex High quality bearing jump rope

Joerex Speed Jump Rope JBA50527

Joerex High quality speed jump rope

Joerex Adjustable length rope SU28617

Joerex Adjustable Rope SU28617 Joerex Jump Rope (Foam handle/Nylon)

Joerex Colorful jump rope 7865

Joerex 9 Feet Colorful jump rope 78659