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Physio Kin

Indications for use: Muscle injuries, inflammation & pain anywhere on the body.

Battle Rope

Battling rope, Use it to climb, pull and swing

Waist Trimmer Belt

Adjustable designed, promote water loss and provide extra back support. comfortable, lightweight and durable.

Double Joerex Waist Support JE098

Waist support double layer for maximum support and slimming, one size fits all

Bermuda Slimmer Short

Help trim and firm your waist, hips and thighs retain body heat

Sauna Suit Just Play

Heavy duty sauna suit that helps improve circulation, keeps muscles warm, and increases perspiration while wearing

Joerex Gymball 75cm FB29317

Durable, High quality Gym ball 75cm

Bosu Ball

Durable, High quality Bosu Ball with handles

Interlocking Sports Floor mats 2.5cm

Durable, double sided, low weight Sports Flooring 2.5 cm thikness

AB Mat 606

Ab Mat Abdominal Mat Sit-Up Pad - Abdominal Trainer Mat

Exercise mat AS335

Durable, double sided, low weight padded exercises mat

Hand grip deluxe

For outstanding hand, grip, wrist and forearm strength with foam grip
$3.53 $4.23

Hand Grip

For outstanding hand, grip, wrist and forearm strength with rubber grip

TRX Whole Set

TRX Suspension Training Make your body your machine

TRX Hook

TRX Suspension Trainer Hook

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